Shipping Instructions:

Please print out this invoice and send it along with your cards for grading to the address below:

Tylar Robison
8125 Valleywood Lane Ste C
Portage, MI 49024


  • Protect your items so they don’t shift or get damaged in transit. We suggest placing all of your items (in proper order) between two larger pieces of cardboard and securing the bundle with rubber bands.
  • Wrap bundled items in bubble wrap or similar packing materials.
  • Place your collectibles in an appropriately sized box, using packing material to prevent content shifting.

Orders with multiple submission types in the same package, here’s what to do:

  • Keep each service level separated
  • Label each group with desired service level

What to expect from TNT

  • We will confirm receipt and give you an update that your list matches what we received.
  • We will send an invoice for your submission once confirming your order.
  • Once paid your order will ship to the chosen third party grading company within 5 days unless otherwise noted. Orders requiring review can take up to 10 additional business days for review and processing.
  • You will get an email telling you what submission you are in and your portal will be updated with the submission that you have been entered in
  • You will get automatic progress emails sent to you along the way and will see all updates in real time in your portal.
  • We receive the cards 3-4 days after they popped and will invoice return shipping when ready for return shipment.