Frequently Asked Questions

At TNT Cards, we strive to provide a quick turnaround time for our grading process. Cards are shipped to the grading company every week, and each grading company has its own estimated turnaround time. Please refer to the notes provided for more information on the specific turnaround times.
DV stands for Declared Value. It represents the estimated value of your card(s) once they are assigned a grade by the grading company. It is recommended to use the expected grade value when determining the DV. If your card’s grade surpasses the declared value, there may be an upcharge imposed by the grading company, which we will have to pass on to you.

DV (Declared Value) covers the value of your cards in case of any incidents at the grading company. Insurance, on the other hand, provides coverage for any damages or losses that may occur during shipping. The DV and Insurance amounts represent the maximum payout you can receive based on the specific circumstances.

When we enter and package the cards we do it in order of the customers. There is always a slight chance of them mixing cards up when grading but in our experience it is extremely rare.

Yes, you can send cards for multiple grading levels in a single package. Please make sure to separate your packages internally and clearly label each package with your name and the corresponding level.

Yes, you can send for multiple third-party grading companies in a single package. Please make sure to separate your packages internally and clearly label each package with the name of the corresponding grading company and service level.

You will receive an email notification once your cards have been graded. Additionally, you can track the status of your cards in real time through your personal portal on our website.
To make a payment, simply click on the payment link provided in the email notification you receive. We do not send physical invoices.

We recommend using sold Ebay listings of the card as a PSA 10. If your card goes over the max declared value for the service level you chose, PSA will upcharge you. SGC does not have a max declared value.

If your card exceeds the maximum declared value for that service level, PSA will upcharge you based on how much the card is worth graded. This upcharge is additional to your grading fee.

Dual service pertains to grading a card AND an autograph on the card. This service pertains to certified, factory issued autographs ONLY. We do not authenticate in person autographs. Sticker autographs are acceptable.

We do not provide card cleaning or evaluation services. Our focus is solely on the grading process.

Personal submissions are available for 100+ cards within a single level and era. The number of cards sent across different levels does not qualify for a personal submission.

No, we do not have any minimum card requirements for our grading levels. You can send as few as one card if desired. The “Bulk” level is named so to accommodate a larger volume of cards.
  • No cap. No maximum or minimum per person.
  • Multiple people can send the same card.
  • Payment is required prior to shipping the cards for grading.
  • Each card should have a declared value (DV)

Yes, you can choose your preferred shipping method for sending your cards to us. We recommend using a shipping method that provides tracking and insurance for the full value of your package.

Proper packaging is essential to ensure the safety of your cards during transit. We recommend using card sleeves, top loaders, or other protective holders for each individual card. Place the cards in a bubble mailer or a sturdy shipping box, making sure they are snug and well-protected. Avoid using regular envelopes or flimsy packaging materials.

Graded cards are typically returned using a reliable shipping service such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS. The exact shipping method may vary depending on your location and the shipping options available at the time.

Yes, if you would like to add extra insurance coverage for the return shipment of your graded cards, please contact us to discuss the options and associated costs.

In the unfortunate event of damages or losses during shipping, please contact us immediately. If you opted for insurance coverage, we will work with the shipping carrier to file a claim on your behalf. If the damages or losses occurred due to a mishandling by the grading company, we will also assist in resolving the issue.

Yes, we offer the option to pick up your graded cards in person if you prefer. Please let us know in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements for a convenient pickup location and time.

We accept international submissions and welcome customers from around the world. However, please note that additional customs fees, taxes, or import duties may apply depending on your country’s regulations. These fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Yes, you can request a regrade if you believe that your card was assigned an incorrect grade. However, please be aware that regrades are subject to the policies and fees set by the grading company. We can assist you in initiating a regrade request, but the final decision lies with the grading company.

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